Happy Halloween!

After leaving his long-time coach Terence Mahon, Ryan Hall blogged “I believe that we are all dynamic individuals and thus change is a part of life.” Although I agree, how do we know when it is time for a change? Each time I’ve made a big change in my life it has proceeded an extremely low point. Unfortunately, for me, this probably means it has taken me too long to realize my current situation wasn’t a good one. Also, although exciting change can also be scary and daunting. 
Last year I made a big change by moving to Tempe, AZ from Winston-Salem, NC. After 4 years of a rocky relationship with my coach and a failed attempt to reach my goals I decided it was time to try something new. Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to come out here to beautiful AZ and be part of a team that was looking for a podium finish at nationals. But the month before I made the trip I was having major doubts about moving across the country. As I look back now I think my biggest mistake was not making a change earlier. Everything worked out though and I am now in a good spot surrounded by good people – I can only hope that Ryan and Sara Hall find the same tranquility.
The picture is of Slekis and I from last night! I was Lady GaGa and she was my cousin Lady BaBa (there is something nice about having a partner in crime – I wouldn’t have wanted to wear that outfit without her!)! We are both running New Times next weekend and are hoping to win some money and run some fast times. I’m excited to finally race again and see where I am at with my training. I feel stronger than ever (thank you GS) and can’t wait to see if that translates into a new PR. Goal for next week = 48 second PR!

“It takes faith and the courage to risk failure in order to realize one’s destiny” – Ryan Hall

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