Phoenix 5k Recap

Saturday night I put everything I needed for the race in my track bag and left it in the living room, so I wouldn’t wake up Cameron jostling around to find my uniform and such. I was pretty proud of myself – usually I do everything last minute and stress myself out. But then I made the mistake of looking at while I was laying in bed. I was hoping to find out if there athletes were running the 10k or 5k. Unfortunately, they did not specify which race, but the number of girl athletes participating doubled! I knew they ran well at the Tufts 10k, so I was super nervous to find out I might be racing them in less than 12 hours!

I woke up at 6 am, planning to shake out before breakfast. As I walked over to where I had placed my bag full of race belongings, I realized it wasn’t there. I looked around for a little, becoming even more upset when it didn’t show up any place I looked. I finally woke up Cameron crying about my missing bag. As Cam tried to calm me down, rationalizing that no one would take a bag with my uniform, shoes, and bib number, he realized his computer was gone too. Next, I realized my wallet was gone also! Ahhhhh…. someone broke into our house Saturday night! Not going to lie.. it’s kind of spooky that some random person was in the house when I was in my bedroom sleeping and the dogs did nothing! They literally bark at everyone and sometimes nothing, so you would think when a burglar came to rob us they would make some kind of noise. Guess not, instead we all slept peacefully through the night!

We arrived to the race in perfect timing – Slekis was jut walking over to the starting line. During her race I started getting calls from Wachovia’s fraud department – whoever stole my wallet had already spent $700 on my card!

The 10k was the Arizona State 10k Championships and… Slekis won! I didn’t see any bright blue and yellow, so now I knew for sure the Mcmillan girls were racing the 5k. During the warm up I saw Lisa Aguilera and some other girl whose sponsored by Brooks. This was starting to look like a really competitive race, and I was getting excitedly nervous. But by the time I started striding I couldn’t stop yawning, which always means happy things šŸ™‚ Luckily some ASU guys were racing the 5k too, so I joined them on the starting line, and off we were! I was determined not to let the Mcmillan girls change my race plan – I wanted to put myself in position to run 16:40 and win the $650. All of a sudden I found myself leading the pack into the wind.. oops! I ended up running 16:54 and edging one of the Mcmillan girls for the win. I almost gave up on myself with a half mile to go when one of the girls gapped me, but luckily she didn’t get too far away and once I saw the finish line I was able to kick.

Afterwards we took tons of pictures! This one is hysterical because you can see that Mcmillan girl talking about us in the background. This picture also made me realize they got there race comp’d and we didn’t (look how all of their numbers are in the single digits).

Today would have been my sisters 27th birthday… She was killed in a car accident 3 and a half years ago and only made it to 23 (my age now). Happy b-day sis šŸ˜¦

 “If you had… one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, would you capture it, or just let it slip?”- Eminem

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