Ugly Feet

After a horrible session of mile repeats I went to see John Ball. My legs have been feeling heavy and slow ever since the Phoenix 5k a week and a half ago, so I was hoping he could work his usual magic. Instead I think he spent about 20 minutes cracking jokes and taking pictures of my calloused feet 😦 He said he’s going to upload a picture for his next blog “How to Know When You Need Orthotics.” Seems like I need orthotics – hopefully they will prevent me from pushing off the ground with the outside of my foot, thus making me more efficient.

Anyway… I got a couple medals for winning the Phoenix 5k and the dogs loved them! They were just so proud 🙂 So proud they shit all over the floor… twice 😦

“Don’t fear moving slowly forward.. fear standing still.” – Kathleen Harris

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