A few months ago I decided to make the trip across the country to Club XC Nationals in Charlotte, NC. Turns out 4 of my former Wake Forest teammates will be racing and 4 more are coming to watch! I’ve been on a high the entire weekend – I don’t see my college friends often, it’s especially hard to see them since we’re spread across the country. It’s also pretty amazing that there are so many of us still running competitively – 8 girls that were all on the Wake Forest Cross Country team 5 years ago!

Originally my mom booked a room at the Holiday Inn, the race hotel headquarters. A friend of mine, and colleague of hers, convinced her to stay at the Ritz-Carlton instead because they get a Bank of America discount. We arrived late Thursday night, and by this time the hotel was completely booked, so we were given all they had left – a suite!

For my night-before-the-race meal my family and I went to a Tapas restaurant. The food was great, but I think it was off the grid, as most runners carb load before the big race, and not a single running-looking person was in the restaurant (perhaps these runners just dressed better than I’m giving them credit for). However, shortly after we ordered my best friends sister walked inside! She was supposed to be in San Francisco on business, but quit her job last week and my technologically-challenged mother didn’t even realize she had missed a call from her.

Do you believe in fate?

Zebra ornament I fell in love with at an
ornament party in Charlotte on Thursday night.

Life-size gingerbread house in the Ritz!

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