Day #2 Without Gluten

Am I lactose intolerant? Maybe. Do I have Celiacs disease? Perhaps. Am I making a big deal over a little stomach ache? Most likely. Over the summer I walked in to one of my favorite restaurants on Long Island surprised to find out it was Psychic Monday! I’ve always wanted to see a psychic, and here was my chance, so I took it. Although I walked away a little disappointed (she definitely didn’t live up to my expectations), she did tell me I was lactose intolerant. It made sense – my stomach had been hurting all summer. Once I stopped having dairy, I instantly felt better. However, recently my stomach pain has come back, even when I don’t have dairy. Thanks to my Starbucks addiction I’ve noticed my stomach doesn’t hurt when I ingest milk; only cheese. So, after a week of terrible cramps, feeling bloated, and unable to make it through runs, I started to think maybe dairy isn’t my problem. Maybe I actually have a gluten allergy. This makes sense too, since the rare times I have cheese, I also have gluten (like pizza, cheesy bread, etc). Hopefully I can get tested for Celiacs and/or other allergies before I leave Tempe for the holidays. If not, I think I’ll continue to be a grocery store freak, buying both lactose and gluten free items!

Also, I’m taking a vote on my hair color. When I saw my parents last week they couldn’t stop calling me Lady GaGa. Ironic, since she was the inspiration behind my color choice. Neither of my parents particularly like the new me & I’m hoping you’ll change their mind, so what do you think? This is also a good way to check if anyone other than Jay reads this blog!

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