I Know A Place Where The Grass is Really Greener

Tempe, Arizona, of course! Well, if we had grass I’m sure it would be. Recently I have noticed some rocks and dirt spray painted along the canal – they are a beautiful shade of green!

Since my last blog a lot has happened – two more athletes joined team Sun Elite (Stephanie Pezzullo & Kristina Vegh), we’ve been interviewed by Runnerspace, and thanks to webmaster Cameron Liston we have a website you can check out at www.SunEliteTC.com.

On a personal level, I’ve been much busier than probably the last 5 months combined! Right now it seems like there are two sides to becoming a professional runner – one is marketing yourself and the other is to run fast. Lately the running part has been going really well, it’s the marketing that I’m struggling with – an inequity that I would take any day instead of the opposite.

The past two and a half years I’ve had an altitude tent, an expensive piece of equipment that surrounds your bed (it kind of looks like your camping in your bedroom), which pumps a lower concentration of oxygen into the enclosed area. For fourteen hours a day you sit/sleep/look at running websites inside this tent with the hope that it will stimulate the body’s natural adaptation to higher altitude – more red blood cells and enzymes, increasing the delivery of oxygen to your muscles (basically legal blood doping). It doesn’t work for everyone – some people’s bodies don’t acclimate and others don’t recover properly due to the decreased amount of oxygen. Thankfully, with some blood work you can easily see the tents effect on your body. Since getting the tent I’ve progressed tremendously, but my blood work has never shown results to support a link between my increased fitness and the tent. On the other hand, my boy friend has not improved, most likely due to an inability to recover from workouts. So, today, we took the tent down! I’m not giving up on it yet though and I hope you like my solution. Although I’m not exactly sure that I like it even though day 1 has been a success. I’ve gotten in some solid altitude time and was able to wheel the generator around the house! I’d probably take it out in public if the generator wasn’t so heavy. Perhaps companies should start making portable units!

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