Racing For Dummies

“You got 3rd?!? Well if you won you’d probably get sponsored; just start winning!”

If this is your thought process please continue reading…

Me at the finish of the
Emerald Nuts Midnight Run!

Running isn’t like most other sports where you compete against one other team, one walking away victorious, the other defeated. It is one of the few sports where you go against multiple competitors at the same time. So, I hope this helps explain what getting 3rd or 6th means, because most people don’t understand.

At the Phoenix New Times 5k I finished 1st, beating 4 professionals (1 Nike athlete and 3 Adidas McMillan Elite athletes). At Club Cross Country Nationals many of the runners were professionals and nearly everyone else who raced received free gear and travel by their club. Even though there were 248 people in the race, in order to make this analysis as realistic as possible, I’m only going to consider my wins against professionals. Thus, I counted everyone an elite through 38th place – Esther Erg, a professional runner for Reebok’s Zap Fitness. Since I got 6th place at this race, I lost to 5 people and beat 32. In New York for the Emerald Nuts run I was 3rd, beating 5 professionals and losing to 2.

Total won: 41; Total lost: 7; in football terms this would equal a 12-2 team.

Basically, I’m like the Wisconsin-Madison football team, was ranked fifth in the nation and played in the Rose Bowl!

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