Mexico, Scotland, And Beyond…

In my last post I mentioned that 2 new people joined SunElite. I just want to let you all know that they are awesome! Unfortunately last weekend Pezz sprained her ankle and is now unable to race at the 5 Nations Match. Without any hesitation she called up USATF and pleaded her case for why I should travel instead. She could have easily taken the free trip to Scotland and given a mediocre performance because of her swollen ankle, but instead she gave the opportunity to me. If that is not the true meaning of teammate I’m not sure what is, but I do know that I’m glad to have her, Kris, Slekis, TB, and Cam (even though the last 2 aren’t officially on the team).

Now that everyone is in Tempe for a little while we have had a chance to hangout more, which has included almost nightly team dinners. On Thursday I parked my car at Jack In The Box and walked across the street to where we were actually having dinner. While we were eating appetizers it finally dawned on me that I may want to look across the street and check on my car. Too late, it wasn’t their anymore! The next day Pezz drove me over to pick up my car. Just 15 miles away from my house and it seemed like what you may find in the non-touristy parts of Mexico. Is it even legal to sell used tires? The impound and recovery lot looked extremely sketchy and I had read scam messages about them on the internet, so it seemed almost guaranteed that 2 little white girls would get hustled. We didn’t – the sweet lady behind the desk didn’t even charge me for 2 days of storage or an extra gate-opening fee since we came after they had closed for the day (in our defense they closed 10 minutes early).

Now that I’ve been selected for the 5 Nations Match it has been SunEliteTC’s 4th USA team selection in 3 months! It’s been an exciting ride so far and hopefully we can add even more people to our team – a men’s division too perhaps!?!

“Algunas personas sueñan con el éxito, mientras que otros se despiertan y trabajan duro en ello.” –!/miabuelasabia

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