US Indoor National Championship

Yayyy, 3rd place at Indoor Nationals! Thats the reaction I should have, instead my emotions are clouded by the fact that it wasn’t a very deep field. I’ve gotten mixed feedback about my race, some people think it was great while others think I ran horrible.

I ran the first 5 laps behind Jenny B and Sara Hall. When the announcer yelled 3:03 for our 1k split I was shocked. I felt great, but this was close to PR pace, at 5,000 ft (theres a 14 second conversion because it is harder to run long distances at altitude). I made a calculated decision to slow down and race for 3rd. For the next 2k I ran by myself and ultimately crossed the line for an anti-climactic 3rd place.

It’s disappointing that a lot of the top 3k runners opted not to race at the National Championship. I have made huge strides the past few months, and was looking forward to displaying that at a US Championship.  To be honest though, it doesn’t really matter who did or did not show up – I did, and got 3rd! In the end, I raced at the national championship and won a bronze metal. Thats all that matters, so yayyyyy, 3rd place at Indoor Nationals!

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