I’ve always been curious about altitude training. So, when my coach brought up going to Flagstaff for a few weeks I was very interested. What aspiring elite wouldn’t want to be surrounded by world class distance runners?

I’ve been in Flag for two weeks now, and honestly, my feelings about this town are much different than I would have expected. For starters, everyday I feel like complete crap. My legs feel heavy and my breathing is louder than ever. On the positive side, the weekly trip to Sedona (an altitude of 4500 ft) is like heaven to my legs (muahahahaha… now I’ll be completely confident for next year’s indoor nationals at Albuquerque)!

Coffee has become one of the biggest parts of my day. Along with distance runners, Flag is a mecca for specialty coffee shops and I am proud to say I frequent many of them! Chocolate milk with expresso, how didn’t I think of that? Although when it comes to the abundance of professional runners, which I thought I would love, I actually feel a little claustrophobic. It’s hard to take a mental break because I’m constantly running into someone running related.

Thankfully I have a great support system that has helped me make the transition from Tempe to Flag as easy as possible. I have awesome roommates that have welcomed me with open arms, made me feel extremely comfortable in their house, and inspire me every morning (there’s a sticker on my bed that says “Team USA Arizona – Future Olympians“). Also, my Sun Elite teammates have pushed me to new levels in training, taking some pressure off my amazing boyfriend who paced me through a lot of workouts last season!

One thought on “Flagstaff

  1. My family used to go up to Flag a couple of times a year to ski at Snowbowl and we always went to the Campus Coffee Bean, it's still one of my favorite coffee shops! Enjoy!

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