Payton Jordan and the Goal

As the Payton Jordam Invite creeps closer I find myself getting more nervous and excited everyday. I am excited to toe the line against some of the nations best and see where my new fitness will take me. I am also nervous for those same exact reasons. Earlier this year I wrote about fearing the pain that accompanies racing. After talking with Dr. Stan, a sports psychologist, I think I’m successfully over that. My problem now, however, is that I fear failure

Since September I’ve been training to qualify in the 5K for the US Outdoor National Championships. Now that I am a week out from my first attempt I am confident in my fitness, but scared that I may be putting unnecessary pressure on myself. If I don’t hit the standard it will be because mentally I didn’t show up that day, and that scares the $h*t out of me! 

“You might not achieve everything you dream, but the process of trying to achieve something big is so rewarding. Even the crappy parts are really rewarding because it makes you look into yourself; everyday is an obstacle.” – Lauren Fleshman

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