Payton Jordan & Not Achieving The Goal

I’ve been putting this post off for a week now, hoping that I would think of something brilliant and exciting to write about instead of reliving my Payton Jordan disappointment. But, I woke up this morning to a Facebook message asking for another (longer) blog. I was a bit surprised, people are actually reading this thing? So, here it is, for my adoring reader, I hope it rocks your day!

My main objective at Payton Jordan was to get the ‘A’ standard for the US National Championships. I ended up running 8 seconds off the automatic qualifier and gained a better respect for the 5k. I went into the race confident I could run sub 15:40, so when we came through the mile at 5 minute pace I knew the race was set up perfectly for me, but I felt horrible. I hung onto the lead pack for as long as I possibly could. During lap 6 I even made a move hoping that my legs would be rejuvinated by a faster pace. I was unsuccessful. In a race I truly believe I had a shot to win, I ended up 12th.

I am a firm believer that you don’t need to have bad days. I didn’t have ‘one of those days’, because to me that sounds like a bad excuse for running poorly. If something goes wrong that means you didn’t prep well. For Payton Jordan I probably pulled back too much – it sucks that I started the race with flat legs, but I survived, lived another day, and now know that I have to change my prep for the next big one. No excuses.

Plus I guess I can’t be too upset, it was a PR by over a minute!

“If you set a PR every time you race some day you’ll be setting world records.” – a friends Dad

One thought on “Payton Jordan & Not Achieving The Goal

  1. great perspective about no excuses. I think you can find excuses for any time you go race, so it's good to not rely on them. Also, don't you want to be fast despite all adversity anyway?! But hey – a minute PR isn't too shabby. Significant progress and experience built up for next time.

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