My Progression

Recently I’ve been corresponding with an agent about representation. When she asked me to send over my running resume I looked up what that entailed and came up with this comical ‘progression’.

Year                  1500                                                    3k                      5k                         Level
2004                  4:32                                                     10:03                                              High School
2005                  4:36                                                     10:30?                                            High School
2006                  ?                                                           ?                       17:28                     Freshman
2007                  4:27                                                     9:48                                                Sophmore
2008                  hurt                                                     hurt                                                Redshirt year
2009                  hurt                                                     hurt                                                Tore my plantar
2010                  4:28/hurt (that was my only race)    9:31                                                 Stress Reaction
2011                   4:17                                                     9:08                  15:52                    1st post-collegiate season

I remember looking at Lauren Fleshman’s website in the fall and laughing at the question marks in her progression. Now I completely understand – results that I laughed, cried, and smiled about in 2006 I can’t even remember now. You would think my finish time would be most important, but in actuality the journey has been much more memorable. When we find that sweet spot, not only in our training, but in our daily outlook, that is when we have the best times.

I’ve gotten e-mails and messages from a lot of my college teammates recently wishing me good luck and congratulations. Those remarks have been a thousand times better than running well – and believe me, that has been pretty fantastic. But honestly, without those women who logged miles with me, pulled me up when I was down, and had faith in me when I lost belief in myself I would not be here today. We all inspire each other, so get up and get out the door – someone is waiting for you to bring them along!

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