Why Do You Run?

A friend recently asked me why I run – an honest question, who would participate in a sport with so much pain? My answer, as many of my thoughts do, leads me to my deceased sister. I ran because she ran. Most of my childhood was spent following her around, so as we got older it only seemed natural to follow in her footsteps. And now, 18 years after I joined my first running club, I run because she can’t. I run for her spirit that lives deep within me. I run for the life I am grateful for having. I run for health so I am able to enjoy all the amazing opportunities I’ve been given. I run for the endorphins, the happiness, and the joy that each step provides.

As I gain a better perspective and new outlook on my own running, I hope, one day, to use my passion to help others. I am inspired by people that run for a cause, and use their talent to bring hope and happiness to others. Lopez Lomong, a 2008 Olympian, and a friend of mine, is a Sudanese refugee that is raising money to give the people in his home land a better life. After surviving an attack on his village by rebel soldiers and ‘camps’ where many other children died, Lopez received a second chance at life.

He took full advantage of his opportunity, becoming America’s middle distance star, the US flag holder at the 2008 Olympics, and all-around amazing person. Now, when he’s not training for the 2012 Olympic Games, he is using his new lease on life to give the people of Sudan a similar opportunity. For 2012 Lopez has two goals in mind – a medal in London and bringing hope to the helpless in Sudan. He needs your help to raise $500,000 and make this dream a reality. To get all the info on the Lopez Lomong Foundation, check it out here!

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