The Dream of The 90’s Is Alive In Portland

This post comes on the heels of me dropping out of the Portland Track Festival 5k. To the people I let down, I am sorry. A team of coaches, message therapists, chiropractor, friends, and supporters helped me get to the line Saturday night in great shape and I wasted an amazing opportunity to display all of our hard work. I promise better results in the future.

I could sit here, be upset with myself, and waste the next 2 weeks depressed and miserable. Instead I’m going to admit my flaw now and get over it. I ran great through 4k and then my legs hit a wall. I could have made it through the race, but my ultimate demise was the mental wall I hit. I am human and I make mistakes. Unfortunately I can’t travel back in time and tell myself to keep running. I dropped out. It’s final, a few steps too many to the left and there’s no going back.
We’ve all been there, at some point we’ve all given up on something really important to us. Afterwards we can’t help but ask ourselves why. Why would I ever be shocked that my body was hurting with 1k left in the race? 
Simple Math:
Running = pain
5k = worst pain I’ve ever experienced
4k of feeling amazing = 1k of intense, want to throw yourself over a bridge kind of pain, not pain-free (REMEMBER: running is NEVER pain free)
In all honesty, I love to run. And in 2nd grade (the 90’s) when I wrote in the yearbook that I wanted to be a professional runner when I grew up, I already loved to run. Some days are better than others, but that’s part of life. Instead of throwing a tantrum and heading back to Phoenix early I’m going to enjoy Oregon and be an amazing cheerleader for my teammates. 
I’m not going to give up on my dream. EVER. I surpassed every time goal I set for myself in my first blog post. The outlandish, ridiculous-sounding times that someone would have literally laughed in my face for if I’d ever said them out loud (that was actually my initial response when my coach told me I could run 15:55 in the 5k), I exceeded. The one goal that I didn’t achieve: qualifying for nationals. Here’s your warning: I will be there next year!
“And if at first you don’t succeed
Then dust yourself off and try again” – Aaliyah

The couple I’ve been a 3rd wheel of (aka camera woman for)

Hiking to the rose gardens

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