7 Months?!?!

Last time I posted (a long long time ago) I was ‘in a hole’ – a ditch that I couldn’t seem to find the strength to dig myself out of. I was sinking. 

Now I am more happy than I’ve ever been. You’re probably wondering what happened in the past 7 months – good question my friends..

I got injured, fell into a minor depression, started dating Cameron again 🙂 met an amazing person (Nikki Codd!!!), extreme couponed, and am now back to my original (flipping awesome) self! 
I switched coaches & am now working with Brad Hudson! My training was extremely inconsistent this fall/early winter due to a lot of clumsy falls, small nagging injuries, and an unwillingness to run with pain everyday – I mean, running should be fun, shouldn’t it? Fortunately I’ve had a little more luck recently and have managed to put in my first workouts since my last post 7 months ago. 
I am extremely excited about the new training I’m doing – lots more mileage, longer reps, hill sprints, and hardly ever hitting the track. This year I’m going to hit the roads a lot more often and test out some longer distances. Hopefully it will turn out to be another record setting year. But hey, if not, at least I put the miles in for next year 😉

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