Conquering The Non-Running

Last week, for the first time in my life, I lived the life of a professional runner.

I admitted to a sports psychologist that I have a dreamer on one shoulder and a demon on the other.
I started a strength program.
I ran 95 miles.
I met John Ball for pre-hab 3 times.
I set a schedule with my massage therapist that leaves me feeling rejuvenated rather than struggling to get out the door.

In my last track race, after running 15:37 pace for 4K, I watched my dreams dissipate as I stepped off the track and onto the infield. That race still haunts me. So, as I went about hassling elite athlete coordinators to let me into their races, I strategically only planned 1 track race. The only flaw in that plan is… I still have one VERY important track race.

I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time ignoring my pent up negative energy towards the track. My enmity has not only caused me to switch each track workout into something comparable on the greenbelt (a bike trail), but has also diminished my confidence.

So, this week I worked on imagining all my dreams coming true during the Payton Jordan 10K. Next week we’ll tinker with the image just incase the stars don’t align and, hopefully, 5 weeks from now my mind will be able to keep up with my legs.

Problem number 2…
I’m weak. I have absolutely no balance. I’m injury prone. To my own fault, I haven’t even done general strength consistently.

A former trainer for the

Arizona State University Track & Field team, now a massage therapist working with a slew of ASU alums turned pro, recently offered to help me out with a strength plan. I was hesitant at first, wondering what an 85 year old man could teac

h me about lifting, but to my surprise it’s been extremely enjoyable (and, hopefully, beneficial too). Our weekly sessions have included hitting the weights at 24 hr fitness and pulling a weighted sled around the park. It’s been fun, encouraging, and totally new.
Just to throw a curve ball in my perfect schedule, I’m spending the month of April in Boulder, taking in the cool mountain air and meeting my coach for the first time. I love altitude, love boulder, and love training with a group. I’m more than excited, I’m ecstatic about this opportunity. Hopefully someday soon I can talk my boo and my wallet into a summer house!

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