The Silent Killer

It’s been a week since I ditched the desert for the mountains. A week filled with great workouts, lots of miles, new running buddies, and beautiful trails! The cool mountain air and exhilarating group environment has left me with a goofy lovers grin plastered on my face. I am in love with my surroundings, my team, and my increasing fitness!

I wake up each morning motivated, thrilled, excited & way before my alarm! I’m riding a confidence mountain so large the downside seems inexistent. I feel like absolutely nothing could stop me on my path to greatness. Indestructible, super-Allie is back and she’s ready to take over the world!

Once a year, when my fitness crosses over from just making it through the weeks training to conquering the training, I feel like a super-woman. The runs are easy, the workouts are manageable and the miles are effortless. I want to crush every hill, dominate each track interval, and leave any assailant who gets in my way in the dust. It’s a very dangerous position.

Someone should really warn Allie that she isn’t indestructible, it’d be a shame to see that fitness wasted by injury.

Amazing artwork by the talented Caitlin Chock!

For me, reigning it in when my legs are itching to let it tear is one of the hardest aspects of distance running.  Lets be real, consistency hasn’t exactly been my strong suit! Last summer, sin coach and plan, I traveled to high-altitude Flagstaff and ran myself into the ground after being in the best shape of my life. I ended up burnt out mentally & physically. That ultimately lead to hardship and heartache for the next 5 months – a lot more tears shed than miles ran.

But you know me by now – I’m not giving up that easily – this year will be different!

This year I started implementing, not just listening to, the advice from my wise compatriots. I started running painfully slow on easy days. I’ve learned to work out hard and recover harder. I’ve learned that the workouts, the miles, and the intensity don’t matter at all – it’s the race that counts. So, getting to the line as a gamer is my #1 priority.

Check out my friend Cait Chock’s blog for great tips on recovery & refueling. Get the most bang for your buck by allowing your body to absorb the training, not running yourself into a burnt-out state. Remember: all bragging rights come from race results, not weekend warrior stories. Plus, none of us want to be taken out of the game and onto injured reserve.

“Every day is a good day when you run” – Kevin Nelson

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