Chasing Lizards

We’re all chasing something. The 6 year old boy I nanny spends his days chasing lizards. I used to waste a lot of time chasing boys. These days my time is a bit better invested, chasing this crazy dream of Olympic rings and American records. Regardless of if it’s the Olympic standard or a personal standard, each one of us is in search of another accolade to add to our resumes. We’re all chasing something.

But, what happens when what your chasing becomes within reach?

My college coach used to tell me I was afraid of success. I never believed her for one second. But, I can admit, I’m uncertain of how to react when success is near. Most of my time has been spent aiming for the top, not at the top. It’s not easy to re-direct my mindset, to tell myself that my idols are now supposed to be my competitors. To line up next to the US champ and honestly think I have a shot to win. But that certainly doesn’t mean I don’t want to win, I’m simply just not used to it… yet.

On April 29th I am going to line up on the Stanford track with the best 10k’ers in the country. I am going to sit back, jump on the train, and act like I’ve been there my entire life. I don’t know what the end result will be, but I do know that I’m not afraid to see where all my recent success can take me. It might not end up like my dreams, but then again, maybe it will!

Photos courtesy of Brad Hudson, thanks!

The Hudson Training Systems group
before our Sunday long run at Coot Lake!
Me & Mr. Zach Hine after a killer track workout!

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