Running Without Titles

An old friend recently contacted me. He was surprised I was still running. His first question was “did you make All-American in college”? Nope.

I didn’t know there were certain requirements to continue running. Pretty sure the roads, trails, and tracks are still open. Pretty sure my coach isn’t concerned with my lack of All-American status. I know I’m certainly not.

I told him I was running, Allie-style. He laughed.

The truth is that I don’t really care how many girls next to me on the starting line were All-American. Nor do I care that most people were completely shocked I decided to continue running after college.

I hope you don’t either. I hope you’ve realized that no one but yourself stands in front of you and your dreams. I hope you follow your heart no matter what crazy road it leads you down.

“When your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme.” Jiminy Cricket

Finally getting speedy!!

6 thoughts on “Running Without Titles

  1. I am very pleased that you have kept on running and are following your heart. It is rare when someone can keep doing something they love. You are an insperation to us all.Good lick this weekend,Woody

  2. Thanks for all the good vibes, I'm loving the feedback! I hope we can inspire each other to accomplish our dreams! PS – Cait, it was Mark Garcia (friend of a friend, met him at indoor nationals my junior year of high school)

  3. My mom called to tell me the famous football player Chad Johnson commented on my blog! Ha, you must get that a lot. Obesity, well now thats a topic I could write on for hours! Thanks for reading & best of luck 🙂

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