An Ode To A Glass Half Full

My heart was racing by the time I arrived at the airport. A billion happy thoughts were running through my mind. I was chatty, excited, and completely mesmerized by the idea that my Olympic Trials goal could come true in 36 hours. An inexplainable confidence contagiously spread throughout my body. I set up a Skype date with my favorite sports psychologist, Kelly Barnes, to combat a possible over-confidence issue because no matter how good of shape I’m in 32:45 is no joke. Theres no pretending that over 6 miles at a 5:15 per mile clip will be a stroll through the park. But my mind often teases me with visions of an easy 32:10, fostering the thought that 35 seconds slower will be a cinch.

I am somewhat connected to reality though; I know my last track race didn’t go well, and has left me questioning my ability to deal with the pain that will inevitably set in. So, while it’s great that I’m feeling quick and fit, if the stars don’t align I need to conquer plan B – a painful 32:44.

Cheers to hoping first time is a charm!

“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.” – Lou Holtz

Me & my moms at the track!

2 thoughts on “An Ode To A Glass Half Full

  1. Yes, make the best of what's given to you! I think you do that damn well- so keep seeing those numbers as "easy." Then push through that pain when it arrives….and you know….it's coming. But you can handle it.

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