Vaca To Dreamland

Yesterday Kaitlin Gregg asked me how I dream big. I had a terrible response, mumbling something about it being natural for me. Although I do, quite frequently, live in this whimsical locale of outrageous PR’s and never ending success, dreamland is a place one can only visit. Once you’re there too long it’s just called crazy!

So here is a, hopefully, helpful how to on dreaming big. Start with a tangible goal – be honest with your fitness level and amount of time available. For me, the logical goal is 32:10 – the Olympic Games B standard. Goals like this are great because it’s nice to check something off at the end of each season knowing all of your hard work was worth it.

Now it’s time to think BIG! Go a little beyond your first goal; come up with something that may frighten you to say out loud. In my case this is the Olympic A standard of 31:45 which would be my 5K PR back to back!

Visualize that crazy, outlandish goal coming true. Be excited, feel the enjoyment, and get PuMpEd people! And then, on your next run, go back to goal numbero uno – don’t put pressure on yourself or unreal expectations that you’d magically be able to work out in goal #2 shape. Remember, that’d be crazy.

If you work at it your dream and ability will meet. The time frame is unknown though, so I don’t set time limits on dream goals, I just keep working hard and slowly creep towards it.

Hope that helps, dream BIG my friends!

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