passion: the burning fire within you to accomplish a goal; psychological well-being; an intense, driving or overmasting feeling or conviction. Can be obsessive compulsive. Passion is connected to the term desire, they actually are inseparable.

It’s waking up at dawn to prepare for the morning’s workout. It’s indulging in a breakfast feast with teammates after crushing the days objective. It’s taking a daily nap. It’s skipping happy hour to lay in bed with a movie and a good cuddle buddy (thanks pup).

It’s getting up the next day and doing the exact same thing.

It’s spending all the money and energy I have into making my dreams a reality. “Dedication and dreams are nice and all, but it doesn’t have that intensity.”

A few nights ago a friend said “good thing we’re both passionate enough to not stop until we reach our goals.” My goals, oh right, this running gig, eternal happiness, being a self-respecting woman, embracer of all opportunities, world traveler, bomb diggity friend. Passionate might even be an understatement. I’m a corporate job runaway, dream-chasing quirky kid.

What are you?

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