Pushing Past Tragedy

In the wee hours of the night on the 23rd I got word that a friend had been hit by a car while cycling. I drove back from Alamosa immediately, showing up at his hospital bed early and incognizant of the heartbreak an entire town would soon face. I said goodbye to a friend that day. A tearful, tragic fair-well to a man I spent the next week learning more about and selfishly wishing I had known better.

Terence Doherty lived with a passion we’re all envious of. He, in many ways, reminds me of my sister; both enjoyed a tremendously bountiful life that makes you wonder how they fit so much living into such few years. And, as with my sister’s death I learned to live without regrets, Terence’s death has taught me a new lesson: to live passionately – to never settle on my goals, to both reach for and achieve greatness, to be completely comfortable with myself.

So, here are my updated goals:

  • Lay the building blocks for a future marathon
  • Make World XC
  • Run a sub 1:11:30 half marathon
  • Run a sub 31:40 10K
  • Make all of my angels proud

“El Latido Del Viento”

2 thoughts on “Pushing Past Tragedy

  1. It was a terrible week for Alamosa. Terence and Pat Porter. It’s admirable and inspirational to see you using such sad situations to refocus.

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