Gettin’ My Swagga Back

My bootay during treatment – showing some battle wounds from my visit to John Ball

After a break, a few extra pounds, and two too many road trips, I’m finally back in training mode. I’m not swift nor smooth yet, but the miles are beginning to stack up to a number my twisted mind is pleased with. I may not currently look or act the part of a professional runner, although, for right now, I’m completely comfortable with that.

Runners have a tendency to be type-A, superbly motivated, a little socially awkward, weirdos that enjoy the monotony of miles. I can relate to that in some ways, but I also thoroughly enjoy the social outlet of a night out and a few drinks. If I partake in a solo training camp and hibernate from my friends for months I’ll race like muck stuck to your shoes after a hard rain. It’s when my world is balanced on the pendulum of life that I’m able to reach a new level of fitness. So, I’m allowing myself a little personal time before I reign in the social butterfly and get down to serious business. In the mean time I’ll be building a base of miles for the fall and strengthening core weaknesses to, hopefully, reduce my injury rate.

I hope this encourages you to find what works best for you. We’re not all cut from the same mold, so don’t be discouraged to choose a different path than those around you. Because, ultimately, until discovering what ascends you to your highest levels you’ll never reach the goal you’re running towards.

“Each of us has a fire in our hearts for something. It’s our goal in life to find it and keep it lit” – Mary Lou Retton

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