The Injury Cycle

I’ve been dealing with injuries since the dawn of time, so it’s no surprise that I’m presently sidelined. The latest – a strained calf and bone spur combo – are current buy one get one free specials at Allie’s Drive Thru Injury Hell.

The cause? Mechanically, over-pronation. Emotionally, boy-o-boys.

Our bodies have a stress threshold, a maximum load endurable without breakdown. By nature I’m a limit-tester, constantly pushing my personal breaking point. And although many of you will disagree, I think I’ve come pretty close to finding my running stress threshold. BUT, I absolutely never account for non-running stressors that may shoot me into the red zone (injured).

I tend to underestimate the effect others have on me, take on other people’s problems, and have an abominable coping mechanism – evade, evade, evade until emotions are uncontrollable and then cry, cry, cry! Welcome to Allieville; expect torrential downpours.

In April I went through a horrific break-up and, not surprisingly, was hurt by the Olympic Trials in June. Last month I was abruptly and quite literally left while out with a significant other (I’m using that term loosely). Hello recent injury. Anyone seeing a pattern? I’ve never ran well without a boyfriend.

The injury cycle is considerably alarming. In the past I’ve been able to band-aid my emotional wounds with new escapades, but this time I simply can’t get my shit together long enough to fix it. The more I ‘work through’ my problems, the more aware I become of all the things holding me back from clear skies.

Talk about a catch 22.

4 thoughts on “The Injury Cycle

  1. Allie, join the crappy club. I was just hitting my training stride and am currently plagued with what i hope is only shin splints. I am nervous to visit a doctor about shin pain simply because I do not want to hear I have a stress fracture. Hopefully we are both up and running sooner than later!

  2. Hi Allie! I´m a runner from Brazil and I love reading your blog. I get injuried frequently but never give up from running. What other kinds of injuries have you had? Best wishes!

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