Oxygen Mask

“Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.” We’re told this emergency tactic prior to liftoff on every flight. Yet, I’m notorious for helping out a sista in need, even when desperately needing help myself. It’s an attribute I’m proud of, but, every now and again, I need to reign in the care taker role and make sure I’m still breathing.

A few months ago when the plane of my life plummeted towards a deadly crash I came close to breathlessly fading out of consciousness. But, my friends and family came to the rescue, hooking me up with the most efficient oxygen mask on the market – eternal support. And as quickly as that plane once dropped, it’s nose turned around and soared  high  into the clear, bright sky.

Since then I’ve been piling stability, strength, and balance alongside the foundation of support. I’ve changed my lifestyle so running has become an extension of my happiness, not the sole proprietor. And even though I’m insanely out of shape and overweight, I am happier than I was while crushing workouts and races this past Spring. I’m balanced… or at least a lot more balanced than I was before. And I am happy. Happy to wake up, drink a pot of pumpkin spice coffee, run a decent workout, embrace the kid inside while nannying, cook delectable (and sometimes not so delicious) creations in the kitchen, and enjoy sweet laughter with my friends.

Although I’ve made enormous strides towards stability, I’ll constantly be a work in progress smoothing out my emotional roller coaster. And, of course, making sure I’m not too low on oxygen.

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