Comeback Queen

After months of injury I tend to find the miniscule amount of patience within me. I’m satisfied with doing just enough because the pain of too much is freshly embedded in my thoughts. I cling to whatever worked before, reverting back to past training. But, after a few weeks I find myself pushing the limits again. Regressing doesn’t suit me, it’s too similar to settling.

“The only constant is continous change.” – my superstar roommate, Lindsey Scherf

We’re evolving creatures, at least hopefully. Repetitive replical stressors won’t necessarily provide the same positive result, nevermind an improved one. Although I may have physical benefits from doing exactly the same training as last year, mentally I need change, excitement, and fulfillment to succeed. None of which I’d get from constantly comparing myself to last years Allie. So, I’m choosing a completely new path – a 10 day cycle, a multi-state adventure (back to PHX for the winter!), and a stability-filling pursuit of life outside of running.

During my time on the injury bench I gained a few extra pounds. Ok, it was a LOT of extra jello, a few pounds wouldn’t be worth writing about. But now, every time I talk to someone about losing weight they act like I’m a delicate flower wilting away in the fall. I am in fact not wilting, I’m much closer to a blooming flower. I like to think of it as Lauren Fleshman described weight gain in her blog:

“When you are getting down on yourself, and you feel like you are breathing like a gorilla in heat while lumbering through the park, try to laugh about it. This is just a temporary thing. You WILL get better. Think of your athletic body as a diamond covered in bits of moss and lichen and clay and sediment.  None of those things actually penetrate through the diamond; they just need to be chipped away at a little bit at a time so you can sparkle.”

4 thoughts on “Comeback Queen

  1. Your words keep me going. I am recovering from a running injury right now. I feel awful not being able to run, and putting on weight does not help. You are right … We will eventually get better and bloom. 🙂

  2. So glad to see u on the mend Allie!!! I know a thing or two about gaining the extra pudge I did plenty of that this summer and am just now getting back to racing weight

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