Running Amnesia

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of love from this blog. And, I’ll tell you, it’s one of the few things keeping me going. So, thank you all for reading, commenting, and sending personal e-mails.

I’ve been steadily increasing my mileage since resuming training 6 weeks ago. It feels like my arch nemesis stuck needles in their voodoo doll creation of me. My usual mediocre workouts are now embarrassing pickups most high schoolers could manage. And, as I leave practice, I pray for some type of amnesia that’d help me forget. Forget I didn’t hit any of my paces, forget the wonder days of crushing reps, forget that my livelihood comes from running fast.

I’ve been through this mileage curse before, sucking wind for 9 weeks until my body adjusts and makes peace with the grind. And then suddenly, the mileage becomes easy, it feels like I could run the workouts backwards, and my heart fills with hope.

But not everyone shares my faith in the system and I’m getting lots of flack for my lack-luster workouts. With the Club XC Championships is in 5 weeks there isn’t much room for error. So, the question remains, do I continue with my mileage obsession or back off?

2 thoughts on “Running Amnesia

  1. Taking a few very easy/light days during a mileage buildup is often a good idea. It allows your body and mind to “absorb” the training you have been doing, and then continue on to the next level of mileage. Don’t forget your iron !

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