When The World Keeps Turning

About a month ago I found out my 68 year old father has non-HodgkinScreen Shot 2013-01-26 at 3.51.45 PMs Lymphoma. We still don’t know the stage, but the golf ball-size lymph node in his groin tells an unfortunate story. Chemotherapy starts 2 days after my next race, the Cross Country National Championships. When catastrophic life events happen I expect the rest of the world to stop. But, the world keeps turning regardless of what fortune sits on my plate.

After my sister suddenly died in a car accident in 2007 I stopped living for a few months. Not necessarily by choice, I simply couldn’t function normally. I only took 6 credits that semester and sat on the sidelines during cross country season. Understandable.

But, this time is different. I’ve been given fair warning of his situation. I’m no longer cushioned by the luxury of a full scholarship to take a few months off of life. The world will keep turning, bills will continue pilling up, and my dreams will still need hunting.

So, I plan to meet poppa dukes in Alabama for his last scheduled chemotherapy appointment, after the 15K National Championships. I plan on doing everything? On becoming superwoman? It seems better than the alternative…

3 thoughts on “When The World Keeps Turning

  1. I ran (not pun intended đŸ˜‰ ) into your video on YT about form. Then now checking out your website and I read this. I’m truley sorry about the news about your dad but I wanted to share with you that I’m part of LLS-Team in training and i fight/run/fundraise for people like your dad. xoxoxo prayers go out to you n yours

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