The Gift My Mom Gave Me

Handmade headboard!
Handmade headboard!


It’s been a week since US XC – a week to forget, mourn, cry, and analyze what the hell happened in St. Louis. Coach Bradley gave me the past 6 days off to recover and repair my broken heart before beginning the next segment of training. Off time makes me restless; there’s too much time to swim in my own destructive thoughts.

Thankfully, a long time ago, my mom told me I could do anything I put my mind to. So, when running doesn’t make me happy or I need an escape from one dimensionality I attempt something completely new, get overly into it, and spend completely bizarre hours of the day awake working on it. For the 5 months I was out in 2011 it was extreme couponing, this past summer it was baking. My current obsession? HGTV extreme makeover of my apartment. I paint in the bathroom, tuft in the living room, keep all my supplies on the porch, and already have a spot in my bedroom picked out for some Craigslist furniture with ‘hidden potential’.

It’s important for me to have hobbies, to be a complete person, and take mental breaks from running so I stay in love with it. And, it’s important for me to thank my momma for giving me the world, love ya!

The pantry cabinet, a work in progress...
The pantry cabinet, a work in progress…
Re-covered kitchen seats
Re-covered kitchen seats

3 thoughts on “The Gift My Mom Gave Me

  1. Kind of randomly found your blog. I saw your video about running technique (I was a college sprinter, now just weekend runner, and now down with 5 met fracture). Very sorry to hear about your dad. Wishing you victory both in life and in the race!

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