Living Without Regrets

A lot has changed since my last post – I moved to New York, left HTSElite, and am taking a sabbatical from pro running. In a profession where standards are constantly inclining and satisfaction is short-lived, I’m content with what I achieved. Although most in the biz define themselves by Olympic births, there’s a sweet simplicity in being fulfilled by accomplishing individual goals based on our own particular assets. And that’s where I’m at!

This isn’t goodbye forever though. If or when the itch to crush workouts, rip PR’s, and throw out an elbow at the competition returns I’ll lace up my spikes again. But, first on my bucket list is to snag a job, spend time with my ailing father, and be 20-something in the city!

I’m not sure where this leaves the travels of this blog. But, I do want to thank everyone that’s read, commented, or sent an uplifting e-mail. It’s been a great journey…

10 thoughts on “Living Without Regrets

  1. I was watching “Proper Running Technique” on youtube and saw this website as a result. After reading about your life I just wanted to encourage you, however that helps I don’t know, but I am glad you write and make your struggles open to people. In the day of Facebook where everyone’s life looks perfect you bring a dose of reality to it. Thank you. Also I wanted to tell you just in case you are not already, that following Christ will ensure you that you did not run the race in vain Galatians 2:2. Go to to learn more. God Bless!

  2. You have done a lot more than most people of your age. As a 30+ male I recently started running and hoping to do a full marathon once in my life. If I can be 1/4th as good as you I will be just happy.

    Keep going, whatever you are doing, wish you the best.

  3. Watched a lot of running videos. Never saw a smoother runner. Hope you get your batteries recharged and come back.

  4. Hi Allie
    Those techniques in youtube vid helped me alot and im 47 just started running . Really enjoyed reading your blog, what an amazing young woman you are , very inspirational. I think you have alot of fans that hope you update soon. Best wishes to you and family especially your father take care

  5. you are an amazing person! I’m inspired by you! (I’m 46 and I know you can do so much more). You can achieve anything you want, you have the talent and intelligence, relax for a while and you’ll find the next thing that moves you. Cheers

  6. You are an amazing person, you inspire me, I’m 46 and I still want to run faster and be a better person and your story gives me that drive, now I have a foot injury for trying too hard…
    You are young, talented and intelligent, now relax and soon you’ll find the next thing that moves you. thank you very much for sharing your story. Cheers

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