I’ve been apathetic towards writing another blog. My move back east was like a tornado whipping through the life I’d spent a decade working towards. I couldn’t post just anything, I had to answer the lingering question – where were the warning signs, why the heck did I suddenly run away? Until now there was too much unknown to illicit an honest answer. But, the winds are finally settling (as calm as they get in Allieland).

I’ve been back in New York since Easter and before this week I hadn’t ran more than the ImageCDC’s recommendation for 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. I landed an awesome job as a nanny for 3 adorable little rug-rats. I drink a lot more and sleep a lot less. I act 25.

I left Boulder because I am not solely fulfilled by running anymore. Although I find myself churning around the indoor oval in my dreams, running will never be numero uno in my life again. I’d love to satisfy my desire for making a lot of left hand turns… after work. But as for now I have no plans, I’ll just be following wherever these legs take me!


  1. This is something a lot of us have struggled with. Definitely not alone. I had another friend and good runner explain it this way, “I just felt like it was time to ‘grow up’ and running was keeping me from doing that”. totally don’t mean running is a bad thing, it just isn’t the only thing.

    Enjoy life!

  2. I ran across your website via a running video on youtube. You really have a gift for putting your feelings/experiences on paper.

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