Allie’s Pursuit of Excellence

A month ago I emailed a few coaches, expressing my desire to lace the shoes of dedication and determination once again. No one wrote back. I can’t blame them since I’ve publicly expressed my disgust for the introverted lifestyle and need for Saturday night dancing. But, I’ve missed being a distance runner, so I’ve decided I don’t need a coach right now. I need the internal motivation to get my ass outside during a polar vortex. I need a running buddy every once in a while. And I need a good pair of shoes. Luckily, I have all of those things.

So, here it goes – Allie’s Pursuit of Excellence – as Molly Pritz tagged my journey from couch potato to -something awesome yet currently undefinable-. Step 1: to get fit and fast.

Fit – get trim like in 2012. ex: lift, core exercises. goal: to look like a babe on the beach this summer & prevent injuries

Fast – find and de-rust my type 2 muscle fibers. ex: 300 meter repeats. goal: 800 meter PR

9 thoughts on “Allie’s Pursuit of Excellence

  1. The way I look at it is the coaches are the ones who missed out, not you. Just stay motivated and set obtainable goals for yourself. Just think how good you will feel when your back out there doing what you love, it doesn’t matter what scale or level, just compete against yourself. If you run only for yourself, you will be so much happier I think. Best of luck, Noah

    PS I’m down to 257lbs, my 5K is less than two months away… still training hard!

  2. Allie, not to worry! It seems that these changes you’ve experienced over the past year or so have been tough, but it comes down to perspective now. Sometimes people bloom later, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t run the rest of your life. If you think more long term with your running, you open up many possibilities that could take shape. Your times seem to point to long distance. If a person is really balanced, they always need to think a bit long term. There have been many Pro’s who didn’t have a job to go to when things ended. This is an opportunity to get into working a job and train around that. This way you can have a normal life and build your running around. It sounds good that your desire is coming back. I’m sure that your running great times isn’t over. Smart training needs to happen now so you can avoid any more injuries. You had a great 25k a few years ago, so I hope that you can rediscover that type of fitness. I used to coach individuals back in the 80’s and have just begun getting back to it. If you have any questions, let me know. I live and run in Grand Rapids Michigan.

  3. We often crave things we don’t have until we get them. Only then do we understand the difference between want and need. ” Be water.” Good Luck!

  4. Found this from one of Lauren Fleshman’s #keepingitreal retweets – you should totally try SoulCycle as an adjunct to your training. Trains the mind. Trains the body. Its my secret weapon (not that I’m a professional), worth every penny I’ve spent on it.

  5. Novice runner here who recently came across the video of you performing proper running form. Surprised to learn you stopped running in the elite field but it’s nice to hear you itching to run again. I get the biggest kick out of the idea that someone who just raced for 10+ miles at a sub-six mile/min pace can still whoop me hands down in a 1 mile foot race. Probably says more about my lack of conditioning but I still think it’s incredible. Anyway, if you’ve got the gift to run like the wind use it. Be it for yourself to just feel great, for the thrill of rocketing past people in competition, or even just to inspire turtles like me who dream of being a hare. Have fun with the process. Good luck with the artic cold training, though. Can’t really put a positive spin on that one.

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