Rainbows & Butterflies

The purpose of this blog was to vividly dialect someone so passionately accomplishing their goals that you could feel it. That the pain, excitement, and triumph felt has been communal. That we are running together. And it’s been a success; you get me. I get you. We all have roller coaster highs and seemingly insurmountable lows.

And through the ebb and flow I’ve been a pro at highlighting each and every time I fell. Partly because my personal insecurities savor degrading myself and partly to remind you that we all fall. But, I think the overwhelming majority has been a pity party. And I’m over it. I’ve been waiting for something inordinately great to happen so I could tell you I’ve made it out of the dark hole and into the bright yellow sun and consequently share all of the beautiful things I’ve learned about myself along the long climb back to buoyancy. But, I don’t need a reason to be happy or a race win to prove it. The world reigns in full color and there’s a glorious rainbow in the sky – there’s no decisive black or white, good or bad, happy or sad. Just rainbows and butterflies. And lots of John Legend music blasting as we run through the wilderness hand in hand.

So here is one of the beautiful things I’ve learned along the way: I’m constantly changing. I’ve always had a vague view of myself morphing into the Allie that accomplishes monumental goals. A musky plan in my head, a series of steps typed into cyberspace, a cluster of teeny tiny sticky notes that lay out my path to Wonder Allie; I’ve done it all. Because the plan changes as much as the girl: constantly. I have a plan to continue making my evolving goals a reality. A plan that allows me to relish in the land of rainbows for eternity. Because regardless of if I ever toe the line of professional running  again or have an exemplary career in the 9 to 5, I will be chasing something remarkable.

One thought on “Rainbows & Butterflies

  1. I’m not sure about the eternal land of rainbows, but any post that ends with a John Legend music video certainly rings of a life on the right track! This was a great post though, best of luck on the musky plan… that actually sounds kind of gross, how about; best of luck on the sticky note yellow brick road.

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