A Temple of Health

I’m like the energizer bunny – constantly in motion until my batteries run out (it’s slightly tiresome for the people around me)! But I’m not typically a very efficient bunny – I spend an unfortunate amount of time on things that counteract my happiness. In my free time, like the rest of America, I shop online, catch up on Facebook news (what? things don’t actually happen in cyber world, they happen in real life), and scan the dating website I’m on. None of these actions help me get fit, reduce my credit card debt, or uplift my mood; they actually do the exact opposite – they subtly weigh me down and make me irrationally moody. It’s kind of like my mood is the swinging weight on a pendulum clock. It took me a while to figure that out. To be honest, it took me until today to figure that out. But, it’s strikingly clear that I am in a much better mood when I spend my energizer energy on achieving goals, big or small, and am like a loose cannon of emotional instability when I wander without direction. The assistant track coach at Wake Forest said it best. “We never knew who was going to show up – the jubilant spunky Allie or the deflated and antagonizing version” he admitted once.

So, I made an April resolution to be a temple of health. To become emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy. And I made a star chart that is now posted on the refrigerator! That’s right, I created a canvas to fill with my golden accomplishments! And it’s working! Because every time I open the fridge I’m reminded of my goals – big and small. Aint nobody got time for tricks when they’re morphing into Wonder Woman (seriously love her).




PS – 2 weeks ago I finally unsubscribed to all the junk mail we all get. Life changing. Can’t express how much of an impact those e-mails unknowingly made. I used to make an online shopping bag every single day. Haven’t made one since those e-mails stopped!

5 thoughts on “A Temple of Health

  1. Nice on the eating clean! I have been on a natural only diet (no processed food, no preservatives) for about a month and a half. I cannot explain how much better I feel and how much more energy I have. The only problem is there is not much variety. It takes a bit to get used too. I had a lot of medical issues disappear about 2 weeks on this diet and stay gone. Yay! no more C.A.T scans.

    1. I gave up soda. Not intentionally because it isn’t good for me, but because I can’t afford it this month. I honestly don’t feel any different, but it’s only been 5 days.

  2. Yeah, soda can be expensive, so is eating healthy if your not careful when you shop. I am still in college and I live on about $650 a month. It can take a while to notice a difference depending on your diet. The less toxins the better.

      1. No, I do not take any food stamps or help from the state or gov. Having roommates is the way to go. Lots of brown rice, sweet potato’s, and frozen vegetables for dinners lol. Oats, hard boiled eggs, banana’s for breakfast. Buy grains in bulk. Not a lot of variety, but once you get used to it its not a big deal. I have learned to be happy being poor. Have to be able to appreciate the small things in life.

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