Poverty Line Project Week 1

Money doesn't excite me!What I’ve learned so far:

Accept freebies.


Read every price tag, anything over $1.99 is a questionable purchase.

Expired food isn’t necessarily inedible.

Instead of answering “yes!” to every question, weigh happiness gained vs money spent (my current reaction is “I can’t afford that” which buys me time to figure out if I actually want to participate in said activity. It seems as though I’ve spent a lot of time appeasing other people’s desires and not nearly enough on my own. womp womp.)

I receive a lot of hand outs; be more thankful for the life I lead.


Expenses (can NOT exceed $104.88):

Travel: $19.75

Food: $52.60

Entertainment: $13.79

Stamps: $6.37 (I was extremely thoughtful this week!)

Fan Cards: $22.27 (You can now order autographed picture cards – more info on the Contact Page!)

Total:  $114.78

Things I actually paid for (my job has a lot of perks): $81.55


The fan cards were clearly an unnecessary purchases, especially since I have run out of deodorant, shampoo, and conditioner, but didn’t deem those purchases worthy of my precious dollars; but you guys are worth it! Friday was the first payday since starting my job that I didn’t yearn for. Most weeks I desirously wait at my computer screen for the weeks end to purchase online shopping carts. But honestly, I don’t miss anything so far – my star chart has kept me intensely busy. I am, however, extremely conscious of the fact that I have money in da bank! I’ve worked a significant amount of overtime and returned 2 unnecessary clothing purchases I made in March. So, basically… I’m gettin’ rich, b*tch!

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