Project Poverty Line Week 2

I spent $184.82 this week: 176% of my budget. The purchases that threw my budget off a cliff: I had a jacket zipper fixed, I bought one of Cait Chock’s awesome T’s, I ate out with one of my nearest and dearest amigas. I’ve quickly realized my most prized possession is my personal relationships. Supporting loved ones and continuing friendships across decades costs money though – more than a $104 a week budget affords. These special, self-rewarding purchases partially explain why $75,000 per household per year (rather than my current $11,000) provides enough cash for the peak of well-being. It feels good to go to a friends wedding, to support a friends new clothing line, and to have a meal with someone you were a piglet with. I haven’t always lead this life though; I’ve been much more selfish in the past. My excessive spending this week ultimately bought a better Allie – an appreciative person and loving friend. I hope she sticks around after the month is up!

imageI did attempt to counter the big purchases by going really cheap on food and travel, but I ended up with food poisoning from old fish and being too tired to hit my mileage goal for the week. You win some, you lose some. Onto week 3…

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