An Eternal Search


A lot of people have expressed concern for my constant search for happiness. They console me with compliments and offer reassurance that some day, I too, will love myself. But I already do! I’m resourceful. I’m genuine. I’m positive. I’m kind. I have mad skillz. There are lovable traits indeed. And it is because I realize my worth that I consciously seek a land of eternal bliss.

I have never felt controlled by my past or enslaved to the world I was born in. I’ve always believed myself to be the engineer of my future. And the only road blocks are the limitations I bestow upon myself. Although some events occur outside of my control, only my reaction potentially holds me down, not the actual event. I’ve chosen to learn and grow from those occurrences rather than allowing them to dictate my future. I’ve chosen to search for my definition of happiness so I can build an Allieland worthy of residing in. Because I’m worth it.

And each time I come to a revelation, I share it. Because I know that every blog post releases me from a limitations captivity. And I know there are many others searching for answers. I share my path because most of us hit the same crossroads.


One thought on “An Eternal Search

  1. Hey Allie. Great running video of you with Sage on Youtube. You have excellent running form/technique. Keep striving to find ways to improve in all areas of life, especially running because you’re great at it. I’ve been trying to find ways to improve my running form coming up with new insights (through trial and error) and then getting reassurance from watching elite runners such as yourself. Training to get an Olympic qualifying time of 2:18 for the marathon.

    This post of yours where you are searching for happiness is a good one because we try to find it in our daily lives. I believe the happiness I seek comes from other people. When I help someone in need or inspire them through my actions, it fills me up and gives purpose to my life. I realize through faith that I should no longer serve myself but others instead, always trying to lift up and not bring anyone down as much as possible. Those who judge or treat me badly I forgive. In the words of Jesus, ” they do not know what they do.” It’s my job or mission to get them on the righteous path by not reacting negatively to negativity. Deep down we are loving and caring people. We were made in the image and likeness of God. Love fills the void inside of us and we need to constantly peel the layers of deceit and bad influence so we can live in peace. Being righteous and setting a good example for others to follow is the key to happiness, not just in this life (as good behavior gets rewarded) but in the next one as well (through eternal life).

    Stay focused, disciplined, and strong in spirit.


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