I constantly feel judged. On a date, walking on the street, at work. It’s always judgment day. And the being I present consistently seems to assess below standard.

I think that’s why I run. Each rejection invigorates my love for running; it’s my escape from others sub par appraisals. It’s the only time I put a precedence on self-evaluation. Because I run for me. And someones praise or ridicule has very little impact on my perception of a performance – it has way more to do with the allotment of gold stars! Because I don’t run to impress boys, or strangers, or my boss. I run for me.

Before writing this I was pretty sure I lived for me too. Life feels too subjective. I think it’s safe to say y’all would award me an A for introspection though.


For your comedic relief, here’s how you should not break tape. #AwkwardArms


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