The Things I’m Scared To Say

Running has become the singular most important aspect of my life again. Funny how cyclical life can be. This week my sports psychologist gave me homework – to define my goals for the next 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Below are my answers.
By August 19:
   Goals: Continue seeing Dr. Connors and Duke Chiropractic to fix the problems/junk/tightness I’ve created, work on imbalances, increase mileage, gain strength. Find a coach, be consistent and lay base miles for the real training. Mentally work on visualization and teach myself how to hurt again.
   Race: Aug 2nd NYRR Team Champs
By October 19:
   Goals: Hopefully by this point I’ll be in maintenance phase instead of crisis mode with the nagging injuries I’ve been dealing with. Find my speed again! Trust coach, don’t compare to previous Allie or others, just enjoy the process of continued fitness. Become a mental badass – I am in control of my feelings, no one else should be able to dictate my personal satisfaction or lack their of. Learn how to toss others opinions out the window.
   Races: 20K National Champs on Sep 1st (potentially racing this) and Great Cow Harbor 10K on Sep 20th. Would love to win the 10K – will probably need to run near 33:00. The course is rolling, so that effort would be close to my PR.
By Jan 19
   Goals: Endure marathon training, get an incredible base for track season. Compared to teammates in Boulder, tempos and long runs are my weak spot. Need to be strong enough to handle back to back 100+ mile weeks first (goals for the previous months)! Hopefully this will be more of a maintenance phase with the mental aspect.
   Races: NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5k on Nov 4, USATF Club Championships 6k on Dec 12, & Houston Half Marathon (aka the half marathon national championships) on Jan 18th.
By July 19 2015:
   Goals: Get the Olympic qualifying time. In 2012 only 3 people had the qualifying time, so it didn’t matter where they placed at the Olympic Trials. Finishers 1, 3, and 8 went to the Olympics. The qualifying window starts Jan 1st 2015. Let’s do it! Prepare for Championship style races; learn how to change pace and sit and kick. I ran at the Adidas Grand Prix in 2012 – the Africans fartleked the first 3/4 of the race. All the American’s got dropped – not because of the pace, but because they kept changing speeds. Next time I see them I want to keep up. If these goals become a reality I’ll need to keep up mentally too – I’m attempting to physically get on an entirely different level, my mental strength needs to be there too or it can’t happen. Need to 110% believe I can do this; currently have a lot of doubt.
   Races: Payton Jordan 10K – run the Olympic A standard – & USA Champs in late June – need to finish in the top 3 and have the qualifying time to punch my ticket to the World Champs in August.

I think we all have a great big wild dream. But it’s hard to say out loud because the idea of failure sounds worse than never trying. It’s hard to accomplish because we get lost in self-doubting our abilities. And it seems like an insurmountalbe leap from our current state. How does an out of shape once upon a time good runner go from couch potato to 10K queen? Baby steps.


9 thoughts on “The Things I’m Scared To Say

  1. Another great post…Thanks! (I needed to read the part about tossing others’ opinions out the window…)

  2. You know, it also seems hard to dedicate time to something we know we’ll want to change in the not-to-distant future. Maybe it’s just me, but impatience with change, especially in the life goal category, is also hard to deal with. I’d like to commend you for posting these declarations and making them public. We’re going to hold you to them!

    Thanks for the inspiration. Keep your head up. I know you can be the person you envision yourself as 🙂

    1. Please hold me to them! that’s a large reason why I post them! What exactly do you mean by impatience with change? Like, that the changes you want to see happen slowly and you get impatient waiting to see the transformation?

      1. Exactly. I guess it’s always been hard to achieve goals on my own because I’ll only last a few weeks before I get impatient and either give up or just change my goal, which makes it pointless, right? However, now that I think about it, I do really well with goals others set for me, especially when they’re hard – or when I know others are watching and expecting some kind of return. Maybe I need to set lower goals and widdle away at them instead of chopping at them with an axe.

        So, if you don’t mind, how do you keep the goals in your mind? I guess that’s what the sticky notes are for? Do you put them on a calendar or anything? Your mirror? Or just revisit at intervals?

      2. I come up with small steps that, if I continue doing, will help me achieve the big goal. Aka the sticky notes. The first few weeks suck because you feel like you’re doing all these things but you don’t see any improvement. By week 4 I start to see change. Wether that be in running times or a loss of excess weight or a general enjoyment for what in what I’m doing, it’s positive, and it keeps the motivation up. It also helps to get other people involved in what you’re doing. Hope that helps! Maybe start a blog and spew out crazy ideas and get a bunch of other people to believe in you so you don’t feel like you’re on a solo journey…

      3. That last part sounds like a fantastic idea! I’m already on my way 😉 haha. Really though, thank you for sharing. Knowing that other people have the same problems and have found ways overcome them is comforting, it has to be said. Even if they do live in the world of blogs.

  3. I found your blog after watching the proper running tips on YouTube. I’ve lost 96 pounds and just started running 2 years ago. I’ve competed in 8 half marathons, a 15k, a couple 10k’s and lots of 5k’s. Last Sunday i competed in my first Sprint Triathlon. I’m 52 years old. My first year pace was 17 minute mile. After training this year I’m at 12 1/2 minute mile. My stride started out as a shuffle and I’m starting to get a runners stride. I feel it at times, but can’t sustain it . My goals in the next 4 months is to lose about 30 more pounds, and work on running technique. I would really love to run a marathon but I need to be thinner and I need to get to at least a 10 minute mile. (Not even sure this is possible for me, but for the training necessary for this event i need to be faster). Whew, anyway, My next step, while I’m working on weight loss, I’m spending my time learning running technique. I look forward to learning from you and watching you accomplish your goals.

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