Finding Balance

Since catching the running bug again, I’ve worried if I’d be able to handle a full time job, high mileage, and a social life. I think it’s something we all think about. Regardless if you’re “living the dream” only running, or working an intense finance job like my training partner there’s generally a bit of the grass is greener syndrome. If I didn’t have to work, i could recover better and be able to run more. If I had a life outside running I wouldn’t feel so empty when racing went poorly. We’re all searching for that interlocking web where our hopes, wants, and desires fluidly align with our day to day activities, creating a smoothly operating life of fulfillment and fun. Yet that balance is different for all of us. And what I’ve noticed recently is that I can handle running, and working, and a social life. But, if one aspect sways over the allotted fatigue, I get sick. So, here I am, 2nd time this summer, sick from work stress. In typical Allie fashion I stubbornly pushed through every symptom until I could no longer function.

Yet, my grass is still green. I have an effortless weekly running schedule, meeting friends almost every day. I workout Wednesday mornings with at least 2 other spectacular ladies. We crush workouts, we laugh, we support each other. I have a bomb dot com coach Terry Shea; team T-bone! I enjoy my life and think my day to day is a representation of my values – to be a healthy, genuine, strong, spontaneous, moral person that is trying to run as fast as she possibly can. Things are on the up and up!

BIG thanks to my friend Molly who never gave up on me when I gave up on myself.
BIG thanks to my friend Molly who never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself.

One thought on “Finding Balance

  1. Just when I think I have read the best thing you have written, you seem to always catch me off guard when I come back to your blog and really inspire me

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