My man!

I spent a good part of this year going on a slew of first dates. It’s been a laughable attempt to fill a void in my life with a genuine relationship with a worthwhile man. I lined them up – going on 2 dates a day sometimes! My friends called it endurance dating and my boss joked that it was the only way I could afford to eat! But, the goal of transforming from couch potato to running queen has been like a flu to my social life. The prescribed medication of double runs, 6am workouts, strength training, and continuous physio appointments have lingering symptoms of fatigue and moodiness. They’ve been killing my game… and it’s been totally worth it.

Running is the antithesis of immediate gratification. Aint nobody settin’ the track on fire after only a few good weeks of training. But, I’m morphing out of rut city and into the slow grind of respectable workouts laced with hard work. There’s still a lot to be done. A lot of weight to be lost. A lot of speed to be tapped. A lot of strength to be gained. But I’m proud of my progression the past 5 weeks. And it’s only been 5 weeks! I’m fulfilled by crushing mile repeats and surviving tempo runs. I’ve accepted early to bed, early to rise. I’ve become apathetic to the idea of meeting a man that fits into this schedule. I no longer feel a void.

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