The Face of Failure

I’m racing tomorrow. I’m lacing up the shoes of judgment and stepping onto the line of open ridicule. I’m nervous. What if I fail? What kind of mockery will you make of me if I don’t win? Or if I do?

My mindset is disturbing. I haven’t ran a legitimate time in over 2 years, at this point what would failure even look like? Stepping over the start and finish lines are wins at this point. Testing my fitness and assessing my bodies response to training are gains. Running faster than Sarah’s marathon pace (our pace for most of the workouts) will be a benefit for my next race (not a marathon). There are so many opportunities to succeed. When I logically think about failure I’m not sure if it currently exists (beyond injuring myself). I have nothing to lose.

The elite list:

id FirstName LastName Bib
Elite Wayne Bartholomew 10
Elite Erik Berg 11
Elite Corey Caplan 12
Elite Steph Charnigo 13
Elite Kyle Clonan 14
Elite Pat D’ Alessandro 15
Elite Craig Forys 16
Elite Brian Hill 17
Elite Ben Hutterer 18
Elite Allie Kieffer 19
Elite Kelsey Maher 20
Elite Travis Mahoney 21
Elite Amanda Marino 22
Elite Cameron Martinez 23
Elite Stephen Mennitt 24
Elite Nick Pellegrino 25
Elite Lauren Penney 26
Elite Jason Protonentis 27
Elite Christen Rillo 28
Elite Daniel Rosenblatt 29
Elite Alfredo Santana 30
Elite Ben Scheetz 31
Elite Rebeka Stowe 32
Elite Renee Tolan 33
Elite Trevor Van Ackeren 34
Elite Ken Walsh 35
Elite Becky Younger 36

4 thoughts on “The Face of Failure

  1. Allie, everyday we keep moving forward and we keep trying to reach our goals is success. If it doesn’t go as planned, we deal with that and keep moving forward.
    Enjoy the journey

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