Successful Failure

After each layoff I calculate a contrived post injury plan that’ll lead me back to Dreamland Drive. Without fail it always fails. Like trekking 3/4 of the way up a mountain only to miss the breathtaking view at the top; I consistently am sidelined for the pinnacle race.IMG_1375

Whelp, my plans have failed once again; I have tendonitis throughout my lower left leg and foot, and right knee. The domino effect of plantar fascists -> posterior tibial tendonitis -> opposite patella tendonitis is a persistent problem. I made it through 9 weeks of training – right before the sum of successive impressive workouts are capitalized on.

But instead of falling into an abyss of overwhelming doom from my inability to take a step without sharp pain shooting from my foot, I am attempting to embrace the forced time off. I have worked a ton of overtime, interviewed for new jobs, booked a flight to Europe for a 2.5 week solo tour through France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, and have loved coaching.

When I left Boulder a year and a half ago I hoped to find the rest of me. There is more than a runner behind this thick skin and it’s been pining to be discovered. And I finally feel like I am getting there. But, running is still the sole contributor to my sense of fulfillment – my reason for waking each morning and sense of happiness. Some rise for money, others never desire leaving their bed, but I get up with a vengeance, chug several cups of coffee, and grind. So, when my coach asked me if I was frustrated from injury an outrange of emotions fluttered through my soul. Hell yea I’m frustrated. I am resentful, anxious, and crestfallen too. I want to lace up my neon kicks and be worry-less again. I want to fly around the track as the sun is rising. I want to Kenyan shuffle along the river at dusk. I want to run. But I’ve successfully failed once again. 

6 thoughts on “Successful Failure

  1. Don’t get down you! This is just a temporary setback in the grand scheme of life. The ugly reality of training hard…so unforgiving. Keep ur chin and spirit up. Fight on

    1. I agree. Heal up and lace those shoes once again. In the meantime, figure out what you can do to avoid the same injury without compromising performance. Every dream is a puzzle. You need to figure out how to solve it.

  2. I hope you can heal up in time to continue where you left off. For endurance and cardio training maybe mix in swimming and save your legs for the big races. You got your form down already, so just lift weights to build leg muscle and swim as much as possible.

  3. I was just introduced to you through a random YouTube search. I’m a complete running beginner but have suffered injury when I was playing high school baseball, injury that kept me from lots of college offers. All I can say is that as much as it sucks life always rewards the grinders.

  4. Have you tried trigger point dry needling as a way to release your tendinitis?

    I’m an older runner, not in your speed category, but fairly fast for my age. Trigger point dry needling has resolved many issues I’ve had over the years.

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