Race To Deliver 4 Mile

Ladies & Gents, I ran a race Sunday. And I finished side by side with my training partner. And it was oh so lovely!

Pre-race: Worked late Saturday night, so I ended up sleeping over. All 3 kids are going through an afraid of the dark stage, but after an hour and a half of consoling and convincing a 2 year old into the safety of her crib, I knocked out too. And we all slept through the night [thank goodness]! I tip-toed into the parents room to drop off the baby monitor and sped-walked out the door to my favorite bagel store. Alas, it wasn’t open. Neither was my second choice; so I settled for a coffee and Starbucks bagel [not the same, seriously not a NY bagel].

Took the subway uptown and wasted as much time as I could before getting antsy and heading out early to meet Sarah for  the warm up. We had a good conversation going and churned through faster miles than I would usually do before a race, but, surprisingly, I felt ok. Did the usual 1 minute stride 20 minutes out from the gun [if you don’t do this you should; it’s a serious game changer]. Dropped my bag off and headed to the start! Did a couple hops, but couldn’t get out of the corral to stride again. Felt pretty good though, much better than anticipated.

Delilah Dicrescenzo was on the starting line. Didn’t foresee competition beyond Sarah, but was excited for the unexpected opportunity to beat her. Had never crossed the line ahead of her, yet. Her presence didn’t derail my plan of aiming for 5:32-:37 per mile for the first 2, then just racing for the finish tape! Any place with a tie under 22:30 would have made me happy.

Mile 1-2.5 Ran right behind Sarah/on her shoulder. There was a pack of 3 women- me, Sarah, and Delilah? Never looked back to confirm my suspicion. Could hear the 3rd girl struggling on the uphill, so I decided to make my move on the next incline – 1 decisive push when she was at her weakest. At this point my legs were pretty tired. I had mentally prepared myself to fight through the pain, but I wasn’t in any, at any point in the race. Just a bad case of mileage legs.

2.5-4: Made my move to separate myself from the pack. Tried to hang on to a North Brooklyn guy ahead of me, but it felt like my legs were turning into stone. Heard someone catching me from behind and I feared the worst – Delilah was going to out kick me. Couldn’t be happier to see little SC come by! Surged in the very last downhill and lunged for the tape to cross the line in first with her!

Post-race: Happy! Feel a bit like spring 2012. Making huge strides each week. The tired legs were from running 80 miles last week – my highest since leaving Boulder in 2013! Finally put the pieces together and found a strength coach that understands running! Am exhilarated by the potential of capitalizing on untapped potential there!

Forgot to stop my watch, but exact splits are here – http://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/638407274

2 thoughts on “Race To Deliver 4 Mile

  1. Sounds like a good race. I have done the mini in Indy twice and I plan on doing it every year for the rest of my life. I am not a runner, I would say I am more a natural weightlifter. I gain mass easy but lose fat hard. I love running though and at 38 I am trying to make it a part of me.

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