Running Forward

December was a drag. As frequent as the latest engagement post on Facebook, I found myself scowering the over-priced prepared meals at West Side Market. Staring, quite unpleasantly, at the same banal dinners as the night before. The microwave became the new stove of Allieland. The prospect of companionship without inebriation vanished. Home for the holidays was a parody to the past – old friends living in the same houses, now shacked up and caring for tiny versions of themselves. I drank less regularly, but more self-harmingly, excessively analyzed my runs, yet logged less miles, pled to the casualties of sickness and injury, and warmly greeted January.


This is the year I run forward.

The year I will have wild adventures AND grandiose achievements.

The year I direct all my crazy into positivity.

The year I…

– visit Hong Kong

– debut in a half marathon [NYC]

– hike through Patagonia!

– run a sub 32 10K

– succeed under a new coach [STEVE MAGNESS!!]

3 thoughts on “Running Forward

  1. I have been following you since you showed me how to run properly on a YouTube video. You have unique insights and experience. Maybe you should think about being a writer.. Good luck in 2015. Looking forward to reading about your experiences

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