Where In The World is AK?

I bought a one way ticket to Europe with the intention of returning after a series of overseas races. After a long winter trying to tap into my speed again, I sprung with the cherry blossoms. Things were clicking. A fast 5K in Portland was on my mind. But I strained my hamstring a few weeks back and haven’t been able to dip under 8 minute miles without pain. So I hopped on the plane anyway. Completely uninhibited and alone. I wandered the streets of Naples with the guy that filled the neighboring seat on my flight over, ate pizza for breakfast, gazed at the ruins of Pompeii, took a breathtaking ride along the coast, and got lost in a Sassi labyrinth. There’s no plan, just myself and a lonely planet book (interesting title given the elements) rolling into new towns at whim.

Where in the world is Allie Kieffer? Posts along the way are on my new Instagram account: AllieKieffer. First person to guess where I am now correctly wins a souvenir! Your last hint is the view from dinner-  


PS – Today, for the first time in almost 4 weeks, I ran pain free. Cheers, it’s Friday!

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