The Kieffer Curse

Freak accidents have massacred my lineage. My family dies suddenly. Brutally. Swarming with shock. A fishing boat my grandparents chartered capsized off the coast of Florida. No survivors. My uncle was the unfortunate passenger of a drunk cabbie. Driver survived. Another uncle tripped on his boat, hit his head, and fell into the water. Inebriation lead … Continue reading The Kieffer Curse

24 days. 5 countries. GO!

Too many successive days have passed without bearing my soul to a well-dressed woman, politely nodding and smiling, attempting not to bare judgement. Vacation was a blast. A comical and continuously wild adventure. Off the coast of mainland Croatia the coffee comes with a side of free mountain bike. I spent hours pedaling the winding trails … Continue reading 24 days. 5 countries. GO!

The Diary Of An Opportunist

Our strengths are often our weaknesses. They tilt us too far in one direction; they make us unbalanced. Like a genius who can't converse with a layman. One of the men I coach invited me to Hong Kong to help him prepare for the Tokyo marathon. Despite friends hesitations and queries of traveling to a foreign country, living with a man I've only met … Continue reading The Diary Of An Opportunist

Running Forward

December was a drag. As frequent as the latest engagement post on Facebook, I found myself scowering the over-priced prepared meals at West Side Market. Staring, quite unpleasantly, at the same banal dinners as the night before. The microwave became the new stove of Allieland. The prospect of companionship without inebriation vanished. Home for the holidays was a parody to the past - old friends living … Continue reading Running Forward