Private Coaching

Longing to break old PR’s? Need some spice from a redundant training plan? Looking to be challenged? If you are passionate, committed to running your ass off, and want to have some fun, I’m your girl.

After over a decade of competitive running under some of the most notable names in the biz, I’ve taken my notes and experience to the other side of the stop watch. Together we will create a goal, race schedule, and detailed daily program specific to your needs. Each month I’ll send you the schedule and, if you are in the NYC area, we can meet at the track once a week for your workout! There is unlimited communication between us- this is not a get your schedule and never talk to me again plan. I’m invested in my clients which means I’ll show up to NYC races, I’ll make changes when life gets messy, and I expect you to do the workouts I write. We’re a team.

  • In person: $200/month includes one 1-on-1 session per week, an individual training plan, and unlimited contact with Allieland.
  • Online: $150/month includes an individual training plan and unlimited contact with Allieland.

For all inquiries write to – please include your PR’s, goals, weekly mileage (max and currently), and number of days you run a week (max and currently). Get ready to run your ass off!

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